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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The month of April is alive and hot! Relationships reach karmic junctures and decisive moments arise. You may already be feeling this in your personal life and close relationships. This may be a time of frustration and restrictions for some, where solitude and silence can be a healthy option.

Relationships meet the iron fist as Venus and Juno form a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. The effects of this conjunction will continue throughout the upcoming week for some, and last throughout the month of April for many. It is a pivotal stop and karmic juncture as Venus, Juno and Saturn come into a t-square with the Lunar Nodes of fate. Talk about a crucial time for personal and world relationships. At its best, this is an opportunity for greater responsibility and maturity within relationships to occur.

April is a turning point for values and desires. Relationships are put to the test. These belong to patterns from lifetimes that are ready to be revealed and healed. This point of choice is an opportunity to set the course of your life in a key direction.

This will culminate a week from now, when Mars catches up with Saturn, the iron fist, and passionately picks up the conversation that Juno and Venus left behind with Saturn, fueling authority and action into your Aquarius house like never before.

Remember, this all happens in a t-square with the Lunar Nodes, which means there is an important connection with the evolutionary trajectory of your soul.

Planets (especially Saturn) in a t-square with the Lunar Nodes bring to a focal point that planet and its functions as being in a karmic juncture and crossroads with 'fate and destiny'. Because of this, April becomes a determining month for relationships and values.

On a world level, we may see this play out with authority, law, and big players coming into karmic junctures in their relationship together. Either way, April is decisive, important, and has to do with the evolutionary trajectory of your soul. In my new video below I offer a deeper look, insights and guidance to help you understand the Aries New Moon and Astrology for the month of April.

With love,

Raquel Spring

~ ♾ ~

00:00 Introduction & Announcements 02:36 The Month of April & the Bigger Picture 06:00 The Karmic T Square from Aquarius to the Lunar Nodes 12:20 A New Astrological Year! The Aries New Moon 14:15 Chiron, The Wounded Healer, Conjunct Aries New Moon 21:07 The T Square & Karmic Connection with the Lunar Nodes 27:43 Mars Saturn Juno and Venus Conjunct in Aquarius 30:19 A Focus on Venus 35:11 Decisive and Turning Point Months of 2022 39:54 Personal Tips, Advice on How To Amplify Love 44:44 Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces Easter & The Christ Consciousness

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