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Raquel Spring Signture

The Astrology Forecast of 2024!

Join me for an exciting and ground-breaking workshop on the Astrology Forecast Of 2024!


Since 2020 we’ve been navigating transformative energies, energies that are now in 2024 finally ready to introduce a new dynamic and bring change! Thus, 2024 is all about helping us turn the first page of a new chapter, and a new phase of our transition.

Let’s explore the incredible Year Of The Dragon as seen through the brand-new energies, and great astrological shifts that are coming in.

Together we will look at each month of 2024 to understand the guiding and important influences of the year ahead!

Here are just some of the topics we will cover:

✔️  Pluto in Aquarius –A New Society Dawns

✔️ Jupiter in Gemini – Accelerating Technology & Expanding Consciousness

✔️ The Eclipses of 2024 – Warriors Arise

✔️ Uranus Conjunct Jupiter - Breakthroughs Unleashed

✔️ Jupiter Square Saturn – Shifts in Society

✔️ Mars Retrograde in Leo – Beyond Boundaries

✔️ The Black Moon Lilith – The Dark Goddess opposes Neptune & plunges deep into a conjunction with the South Node in Libra.

✔️ Neptune at 29° Pisces – Graduations! Embracing Your NEW Purpose.

Are you ready to step into this new year ahead, and begin a new chapter with authenticity, boldness, and freedom?

I am both honored and excited to share these valuable insights into the energies of 2024, and help you prepare to move forward with confidence and awareness!

With love, Raquel Spring


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