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The Black Moon Lilith Awakens Gemini Eclipse!

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

I want to take a moment to share something with you, something that may help you better understand the context of your recent experiences. Do you see the chart above? Notice how the Black Moon Lilith is at 19° Gemini. This is the same degree where the total Solar Eclipse in Gemini happened last June. Because eclipse energies can remain active for a year, every time something crosses that landmark it awakens the Eclipse's themes. In other words, this week the Black Moon Lilith, at 19° Gemini, has been awakening the Solar Eclipse in your chart and in your life, especially for those with strong chart connections to that Eclipse. Because the Black Moon Lilith is the filter for the eclipse's energies right now, many are feeling this archetype and her themes very deeply. Themes that range from rage, desires, sexuality and sexual experiences, all the way to high level mysticism, the original primal feminine, and the void, these and more have been present in our recent experiences and will continue to be for another week or so. A door has been opened by the Black Moon Lilith, this door opens up to the Gemini Solar Eclipse. This means that profound emotions and experiences are coming into your reality from the soul's point of evolution, therefore are significant to your path right now. I have a free video reference on the Black Moon Lilith, if you want to understand more about this mysterious archetype. See below. For now, remember that if Black Moon Lilith themes have been alive for you recently this archetype is merely communicating something that is key to your next quantum leap in evolution. Are you able to sit long and still enough with the Black Moon Lilith to know what her message is?

❤️ Raquel Spring

~°~ Black Moon Lilith: The Black Moon Lilith! Mystery, Shadows, Sexual Power!

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