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Updated: Jul 8



Destiny Calls: A New Path Awaits

A Cancer New Moon happens on July 5th at 14° Cancer, forming a T-square with the Lunar Nodes of fate.

Planetary alignments that happen in a T-square with the lunar nodes are known for bringing about a feeling of fate and destiny. This is why I use terms like 'crossroads with destiny'—because this month revolves around that, and the New Moon in Cancer anchors this theme for the whole month ahead.

If we are to truly flow with Pluto in Aquarius and open the door to a new stage of evolution and of freedom, we must learn how to hold the steering wheel of our life and be responsible for our future.

I've been feeling my life at this crossroads with destiny in such profound ways. It's as if I'm on the verge of everything shifting. So in this light, I invite you to notice how the events that are happening in your life right now are also leading you to an important threshold of choice, decision, and action. Feel your heart's wisdom and what this point of the journey ultimately means for you.

You may notice certain doors naturally opening to you right now—synchronicities, events, and people entering your path, as energies begin to swirl and shift around you arranging and re-arranging people, places, and things around your path. Similarly, other aspects of your life are naturally (and rapidly) dissolving and dissipating.

This is why I named the Gemini season and month of June "the golden window of 2024" because it was designed to support crucial realizations and profound aha moments that were paving the way for the important thresholds that are here today. Whether these revelations came through challenges and getting clear on your boundaries, or from new relationships and exciting opportunities, or both, Gemini season laid the groundwork for the pivotal crossroads that Cancer season presents today.

Now July arrives, and the Universe is asking: “Okay, you've had your realizations. Now what?”The Cancer New Moon of July 5th marks this pivotal "Now What" moment.

So I invite you to stop now for a moment, inhale the essence of this season and of the Cancer New Moon, and ask yourself now, "Now what?"

In loving support, 

Raquel Spring

Happy Cancer New Moon!

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