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THE CAPRICORN FULL MOON The Nodal Shift & Venus Retrograde. Mars & Venus take the Center Stage

TheCapricorn Full Moon andmonth of July hold profound cosmic energies that invite us to explore new layers of truth and set intentions for the upcoming season. In our next Full Moon Gathering, we will delve into the astrological alignments for July, as well as the significance of theNodal Shiftand Venus Retrograde. Additionally, we will explore the closure of our current Galactic Year and the beginning of a new one.

Highlighting the month are key events such as

1. The Capricorn Full Moon: Anchoring Intentions and Emphasizing Deep Faith

The Capricorn Full Moon, as the first Full Moon of a new cycle, offers us an opportunity to look ahead and anchor our intentions until the Autumn Equinox. With aspects to Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn, this Full Moon highlights the importance of deep faith and teaches us valuable lessons.

2. Nodal Shift: Aries and Libra Take Center Stage

On July 17, the Lunar Nodes will change signs, commencing an 18-month evolutionary trajectory. Aries and Libra will now take center stage in the world and within individual birth charts. This shift will bring significant change, urging us to embrace new directions and find authentic expression.

3. Venus Retrograde: A Transformative Journey

Just days after transitioning from ruling the North Node in Taurus to becoming the ruler of the South Node in Libra, Venus stations retrograde on July 22 at 29° Leo and once again becomes a focal point. This retrograde journey reactivates the turning point landmark left at the Great Solar Eclipse of August 2017, signifying the completion of a an important chapter.

4. The New Galactic Year and Lion's Gate Portal

July brings the culmination of our current Galactic Year and the dawning of a new one, accompanied by the arrival of the Lion's Gate Portal. This annual celestial phenomenon ushers in a renewed influx of cosmic energies that we will also explore.


As we approach the Capricorn Full Moon and the month of July, we are called to embrace the energies of evolution even further. The Nodal Shift and Venus Retrograde hold immense potential for growth, guiding us towards new directions and helping us complete significant chapters in our lives. As we embrace the advent of a new season, we open ourselves to these energetic shifts and the incredible potential they hold for both the collective and for you.

The Sagittarius Full Moon Gathering, offered FREE as a GIFT from my HEART to yours, is taking place on the evening of the Full Moon, MONDAY, JULY 3rd.

It is my sincere honor to spend this time with you. With love,

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