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Raquel Spring Signture


The first Full Moon of the new Astrological year is in the sign of Libra and is ruled by Venus. This shines a strong light on relationships, relationships that right now are at a karmic juncture, and at a threshold of transformation. This transformation belongs to lifetimes of evolutionary cycles that are now converging in this space and moment of April, 2022.

Remember, the last New Moon that took place on April 1st, in the sign of Aries, was conjunct Chiron. This has been emphasizing core wounds for many, as well as the chance to heal them. Today, with the Libra Full Moon, we reach the peak point of this theme.

Speaking of Chiron, there are many from the generation of the 70’s who were born with a Chiron in Aries, and are additionally going through their Chiron Return. And many from the generation of the 80’s who were born with Chiron in Taurus, and are additionally having transiting Uranus and North Node in Taurus activate their natal Chiron.

Talk about deep wounds being called forth!

In other words, there are strong relationship themes coming alive for many, and on this Libra Full Moon we find ourselves at this karmic juncture of choice, ready for healing breakthroughs and next steps.

Other unique things about this Full Moon are:

- This is the 1st Full Moon of the New Astrological Year!

- This Full Moon is in between a lunar cycle with 2 New Moons!

- It is a pre-Eclipse Full Moon!

- Venus rules 1st Full Moon of the Astrological year

This is important because Venus is also the ruler of the transiting North Node, and evolutionary soul direction for our year. Whatever Venus does speaks directly to the lessons and evolution of our soul. This means that Venus has a big say in our direction for 2022, and today the Full Moon in Libra belongs to her.

Because Venus operates through our experience of pleasure beauty values, desire and connection, the overall theme of our evolution for 2022 focuses exactly on that. This means deep transformation in areas that have to do with self-worth, money and things you possess, your needs, desires, sexuality, and relationships, and today the Full Moon in Libra highlights that.

This powerful lunar cycle is shining a big light on relationships, relationship themes that are giving rise to some of the most important junctures of choice right now. This becomes a catalyst for many to experience healing, breakthrough, and transformation from here on out.

Now, one of the biggest gifts we currently have is the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, that is helping us access deeper states of compassion and unconditional love during this time. This is a blessed opportunity to ride the wave of Christ Consciousness that is being amplified on the planet through this rare conjunction.

During this time leading up to Easter, we find that the new blueprints of resurrection are now being amplified, as we are lifted from the previous dimension of our ‘old’ selves, and into the new heart frequency of Christ.

Tap into this new state of the heart, let it overflow, and from this place allow your new spiritual truths to emerge. This is the deepest service you could offer Gaia and humanity during this time. The choice points have been open, and the themes culminating in your life right now will be the themes you will be working with for the rest of 2022.

Happy Easter Libra Full Moon!

Raquel Spring


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