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Raquel Spring Signture

The Mystical & Potent Powers of The Pisces New Moon I Connecting Dots: 2023-2025



Dear cosmic & earthly family, blessed Pisces New Moon ,

Since coming back from The Conscious Life Expo in L.A, I've been dancing in a vortex of tasks and activities, as a result of the many new connections, sessions, and opportunities for expansion of my work that have sprouted from that event. I will update you more on that soon. For now, I want to drop in with you for a moment on the mystical and potent powers of this Pisces New Moon... This New Moon is happening in my 4th house, a personal space that represents the roots and foundation of one's being, and so, I have been hearing the call of this New Moon deeply. You too may be feeling this New Moon deeply, because your Pisces house is a sensitive place, designed to be emotionally and spiritually aware. The Pisces energy works well with relaxation and surrender, and so this may be a time where you feel the need for rest and silence a little more. As we continue peeling the layers of meaning and interpretation for this New Moon in Pisces, we can see that it is happening conjunct Saturn. This is paving the way for Saturn's ingress into Pisces, which is taking place on March 7, 2023. This means that the seeds being planted today in your Pisces house, for the next 2 1/2 years, will be nurtured by Saturn in Pisces, and work closely with you to help bring that area of your life into greater maturity and authority. This is an important moment for your Pisces house, worthy of full reverence and attention. I did a little tracking, and found that this story actually continues well after the Pisces New Moon, reaching an important peak point in 2 years from now, and culminating with a grand explosion of energies, as Neptune, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Sun, and North Node all conjunct in Pisces by February and March of 2025. By the way, this all happens right before Neptune enters 0° Aries! It will be a powerful moment for you and for the world, and the Pisces Lunar Eclipse of March 2025 will announce that. Feel into your Pisces house, and ask yourself, what is being embedded in that area of your life today? This important seed will be ready for emergence, in full maturity and expression, by the Spring Equinox of 2025! Blessed Pisces New Moon.

With love, Raquel Spring.

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