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The Powerful Scorpio Full Moon Lunar EclipseIN THE HEART OF ECLIPSES & MERCURY RETROGRADE

Our upcoming Full Moon gathering on May 5th is a FREE community online event. You are invited to join us for an opportunity to harness the power of the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, and receive spiritual guidance for navigating the energies of May and beyond in 2023.

This important moment marks the conclusion of our Eclipse energies in Taurus and Scorpio, and celebrates the transformation of our values! May 5th's Lunar Eclipse highlights this conclusion, and is the perfect time to synchronize with the powerful energies of the universe as we move forward.

Our topics will include:

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, and its message for 2023.

Pluto's fury, and the great release of Scorpio.

The rare and life-changing trajectory of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus.

Your Taurus house: Contracts, the grand finale, and new beginnings.

Pluto and the Lunar Nodes' t-square: Your pressure point with destiny.

Join us for a live discussion on the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Let's access this powerful astrological vortex, gain new insights and receive spiritual guidance for this important time ahead.

I look forward to seeing you there!

With love, Raquel Spring.


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