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Raquel Spring Signture

The Queen of England Dies, New UK Prime Minister, Solar Explosion & Astrological Events

Last night, while taking a bath I received a big download about how Mercury, who is stationing retrograde in Libra, and opposing Jupiter in Aries, who is also retrograde right now, would bring a massive switch of leadership into the picture. This morning I read the Queen of England died. That is one big trigger. Especially given the significant threshold we have reached with the astrological fixed square and ‘time to go, time for action’ energy that I have been speaking of. Synchronistically, this same week a new Prime Minister came into power in the UK, while an enormous explosion erupted from behind the Sun. The fixed square with Saturn and the Lunar Nodes, has brought to a point of convergence all contracts that have been bound by ‘time’. Lifetimes of memories and agreements that are now ready to be fulfilled and liberated into new life. That’s a lot to let sink in… And we get to witness all of this. Wow. I have been reminding myself consistently to take more breaks, long breaths, and come back into my heart as everything seems accelerated and amplified, just as it should be. Yes, we are moving through time, and it's intense, but also exciting. We are really here. If you are experiencing the acceleration and intensification of things around you, perhaps at a faster pace than you can comfortably keep up with, know all is well, you are leaving the wheel of karma, which is associated with the dimension of time, and which many are now shifting from.

As we change our understanding of time, the ‘laws and rules’ also change. This is where karma contracts are given a chance to be fulfilled and to transcend, as per all the recent Astrology I have been speaking of. The Queen of England is a perfect example of this powerful release. I am hosting our next Full Moon Community Gathering this Saturday, September 10, where I will dive deeper into all of these topics, including the new wave of global leaders that is entering the picture. It is my free offering of love to you.

Bring your natal charts, bring your hearts, I have so much to share, and I look forward to being with you soon. Love, Raquel Spring.

~°~ 💎 FREE WEBINAR SIGN UP: PS - The more you and I fully embrace the new reality we are bringing in, the faster things will change. PPS - Share the love with someone who could use the updates and support on this Pisces Full Moon. Here’s the Link:

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