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The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse - Last Eclipse of this Cycle

The energies of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius are strong. Maybe you are feeling it too…

This Solar Eclipse is the last of the Gemini/Sagittarius season and shines a light on the country of the USA as it happens on the country’s Ascendant, so you can expect to see the USA become more prominent from here on out.

Because this is a South Node Eclipse (a New Moon that happens on or near the South Node of the Moon) it highlights a door of release that is now opening up for the world, with special focus on the USA.

The South Node brings us to the completion of familiar experiences, experiences that are now ready to be fully seen and at times even released.

Among other things, to me this Eclipse in Sagittarius is heralding the USA’s Pluto Return, a signature that will mark the year of 2022 forever. More info on this can be found in the links below.

A Pluto return means that Pluto has completed a whole revolution around the zodiac and is now returning to the same spot as it was when the chart was born.

246 years after the birthing of the USA, as seen through the signing of the declaration of independence, this country will experience its first Pluto return at 27° Capricorn, marking this a deep time of collective soul transition and transformation, primarily for the USA, but with reverberations throughout the world.

Pluto’s Return will become exact 3 times in 2022: February, July, and December.

At its core, a Pluto return corresponds to a significant turning point of evolution, where the soul has completed a cycle of transformation, and is now ready to begin another.

This will bring about the culmination of many events, and consequently a point of release, as we close a significant cycle of 246 years and prepare to open a new one.

But at the end of the day, all of this answers to an even greater cycle that is being introduced to our reality at this stage of evolution, the era of Aquarius.

We are looking at a turning point year right up ahead on the horizon, and the 12° Sagittarius Solar Eclipse today speaks of it.

Solar Eclipse blessings to all,

❤️ Raquel Spring.


References & More Information:

* What Does The Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Mean for You? December 2021 Astrology.

* 2022 USA PLUTO RETURN !! - A Cycle Ends - Death or Transformation?

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