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The Spring Equinox of 2023!

Updated: Mar 26

The Spring Equinox of 2023 is charged with one of the most powerful energies of this year. It is beyond words to describe the extent of this transformation.

But the Spring Equinox is just the beginning. In just a few short hours, the Aries New Moon arrives to help anchor our new beginnings even more fully. Then, 2 days later, Pluto enters Aquarius, and this will change everything!

This whole week marks an incredibly powerful window for ultimate transformation and rebirth.

Pluto entering Aquarius is here to revolutionize the matrix of our thoughts and of our experiences. Our entire reality is upgrading right now, and every astrological chart on this planet (including the charts of countries and of events) will wake up in radical ways.

Aquarius will not tolerate the old, and 2023-2024 will be about stirring us to awaken from one state, and boldly embrace a new one.

On this note, I am thrilled to finally announce our workshop on Pluto in Aquarius! Many of you have been patiently waiting for this announcement. Thank you. I wanted to wait for the Spring Equinox, and now, the time is here.

This workshop will be a full and complete deep dive into the powerful new energies of Pluto in Aquarius, 2023-4043!

If you’re interested in learning more or joining the workshop, click here: 🔮

Pluto in Aquarius! -The Rise of a New Era

~ • ~

As is my custom during these special astrological dates, I will be out on the land for the rest of the day, in deep communion with the higher octaves of this new matrix that is streaming onto the planet right now, activating and accelerating the hearts of all who are ready and willing to rise with this new reality. I invite you to join me today as we anchor this new reality in the most harmonious way for all life.

Take a moment today and tonight to feel in your heart the truth of our collective soul. Allow that truth to expand from your heart, to your town, your country, and beyond. See it touching every heart, and enveloping the globe, until the totality of this beloved planet is enveloped with this new light!

Feel with me today, the expansive frequencies of Aquarius coming in, cradled by the Spring Equinox and anchored through the Aries New Moon.

It is truly a golden time to be alive!

I love you. Happy Spring Equinox.

Raquel Spring


Join Our Community Workshop Here: PLUTO IN AQUARIUS -The Rise of a New Era

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