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Raquel Spring Signture

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse - The Global Shift.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, happening in a few hours from now, at 27° Taurus, is a very, very important one, one that is here to change us and the world in deep ways, once again.

This 27° Taurus spot features the fixed star Algol on one side, and the star system Pleiades on the other, highlighting two extreme and powerful forces who are coming together in a new way.

Tonight’s Lunar Eclipse is only the precursor to our next cycle, and will continue to reverberate throughout 2022 & 2023.

This is the first of the upcoming Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse series, and along with it brings a new a source of energy that will be directing our experiences for the next 2 years.

Expect to see it reflected in the world soon.

There is something unique about the length of this Eclipse. This will be the longest partial Lunar Eclipse since 1440, and the longest until 2669.

When I first heard that this Lunar Eclipse would be a few hours long I almost fell off my seat. I knew it was going to be big and important. Yes, the Eclipse’s duration is a statement. What is it that this Lunar Eclipse is highlighting so strongly? Well, you can start by looking at the mid and end degrees of the Earth signs for encouragement and support, and to all 4 fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, for a ‘it’s show time!’ energy.

What houses are those in your chart?

And speaking of fixed signs, may I bring light to the square point that this Lunar Eclipse is making to the world-changing Leo Solar Eclipse that happened on August 2017.

Tonight’s rare Eclipse activates the square points of the (even more rare) Total Solar Eclipse of 2017, bringing to the fore events that have now come to a crossroads with destiny.

As far as the Great American Solar Eclipse is concerned, it’s showtime, and right as the country completes its Pluto Return. Wow.

Venus, however, is the one who leads the way and stirs the ship from this point forward.

Tonight she is the ruler of this rare Lunar Eclipse, but soon Venus will make another big move and turn retrograde, right before boldly becoming the new ruler of the North Node.

All eyes on Venus…

And since Venus is transiting in Capricorn, it is your Capricorn house that will reveal more.

And as we turn our gaze inward, during this powerful time of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse, let us notice the soul of Venus, that is now ready to evolve, the essence of this archetype, not only as a planet, but also as a hologram of creation that is now evolving within us.

Hold the light of pure intention as you connect with the essence of Venus during this Taurus Lunar Eclipse, her point of origin and pure voice during this cycle as she awakens and becomes alive for you and for the world.

In Venusian love & power, happy Taurus Lunar Eclipse!

❤️ Raquel Spring



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