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Raquel Spring Signture


Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, stations direct today, only hours after the Aquarius New Moon, and sets in motion important Uranian and Aquarian energies. This energy is helping pave the way for Pluto’s grand entrance into Aquarius that is happening next. Pluto entering Aquarius is its own vortex, and so everything else will serve to make way for this energy to come through.

Both Aquarius and Uranus are known for being radical and unpredictable. Their role is to awaken us to independent, illumined thought, and revolutionary ideals that will service humanity. This is not good or bad, it is just energy, actually, a lot of it.

Aquarius symbolizes the Cosmic Mind, and Uranus is the direct electrical current that wakes us up to that Mind. Both operate in unconventional ways and are in pure service to evolution and progress!

Aquarius and Uranus are both very much alive in your chart right now, and ready to flush big energies through.

〰️ The planet Uranus stations direct in Taurus. This house and area of your life has been signaling big change since July & August of 2022, and now, as Uranus stations direct, your Taurus house is ready to crystalize those events and get going in full power.

〰️ As Uranus, and ruler of the New Moon stations direct, it opens a sacred container within your Aquarius house for you to plant and nourish the seeds that are scheduled to be fully awakened by Pluto soon. Your Aquarius house is ready to rise, and this is the time for you to align with the purest essence of Aquarius, and its evolutionary purpose through you in this new age.

What a powerful weekend.

This surge of energy is awakening from the heart of the Sun itself and sweeping through every single Astrological chart right now. These alignments are perfectly timed and orchestrated with our experiences, to help us interweave our next stages of evolution and of freedom.

I wish you a wonderful Sunday of blissful awakening to the radical new reality of Aquarius and of Uranus happening right now.

Signing off with Aquarian/Uranian love & superpowers,

Raquel Spring.

Learn more about these energies in my new video update:

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