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Raquel Spring Signture


Raquel Spring Learn Astrology How To Read Natal Charts and Transits


Price: $282

11 videos (30+ hours total)

This set explores:

  • An introduction to the series

  • Influence of the Elements

  • Hemispheres & Quadrants of a chart

  • Pairing houses & signs

  • Planetary influences

  • The Art of Reading Natal Charts

Synthesizing is a game-changer and takes you into the very heart of the natal chart to uncover the underlying energy signature, explore the planetary influences, and deeply understand what the chart is trying to convey. Through a very step-by-step approach to learning to analyze the chart layer by layer, each lecture builds on the previous one to help create a wholistic understanding and interpretation of the chart.


This series is for anyone that wants to learn how to put all foundational astrological concepts and knowledge together to build a story behind the natal chart. Note: To get the most out of this set, you must have a basic understanding of the houses, planets, signs, and aspects (see our series on Archetypes and Aspects).


Here's a rundown of the lectures in this series:


  1. "First Step and Elements" explores the four elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air) and their underlying influence on the planets they govern to understand the evolutionary drive of the natal planets.

  2. "Hemispheres, Quadrants, & Geometry" highlights another layer of chart reading by dividing the chart into sections to understand the governing energy and provide clues into a person's soul gifts and soul expression and evolution. The sign/house axes and angles are also examined to understand how planets express themselves when in a certain sign/house.

  3. "Pairing Houses & Signs" uncovers the function and roles of the houses and how different astrological signs activate unique energies for those houses.

  4. The next few lectures dive deep into the planets and luminaries - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to understand these celestial bodies from a physical, psychological and spiritual perspective; and to explore their evolutionary role in the chart and how they influence our behavior, our mind, how we relate to others, our drive, and how we seek to experience soul evolution.

  5. "Planetary Rulerships" is a goldmine in of itself and Raquel's secret in astrology. This lecture explores how to read between the lines of the chart and uncover the themes in a person's life.

  6. And finally the series ends with putting it all together in the "Art of Reading Natal Charts" where you are shown how to blend the energies of the signs, houses and planets and is a culmination of the learnings of the previous lectures. These lectures also focus on house cusps, how to read degrees and use angles as the foundation of the chart, and how to work with stelliums.

If you are seeking to be a professional astrologer or wanting to go deeper in your skills of reading charts, this is one set you don't want to miss!

Watch below to see Raquel share about the importance of the Synthesizing set:

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