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Jupiter in Gemini 2024-2025: New Horizons Await!

Updated: Jul 8

Jupiter in Gemini 2024-2025: New Horizons Await!

On June 6th, we have a New Moon conjunct the planet Venus at 16° of Gemini.

The New Moon in Gemini shines a bright light on the planet Venus, which has been highly in focus recently, including during the last Full Moon on May 23rd. Venus represents the heart and values, encompassing relationships, making this a turning point for our relationships and values.

This period has been incredible for Venus and our values, marked by significant shake-ups and breakthroughs as we shed old patterns and prepare for new beginnings. The New Moon in Gemini acts as an extraordinary catalyst for revolutions of the heart. At this stage, people are experiencing radical turning points in values and matters of the heart, affecting everything from resources, diets, habits, and lifestyle to life priorities.

This shift highlights what is truly important to you. Whether it feels heavy or light, it's a necessary turning point.

The Gemini New Moon on June 6th, conjunct Venus, signifies a new beginning for relationships and values. We are realizing what no longer works for us in this new reality we are entering. We've been shedding a lot, coming from intense shake-up and breakthrough energies that have rattled our reality, allowing us to rediscover ourselves and clarify our values moving forward.

It's okay to realize that you no longer resonate with certain things, people, activities, habits, diets, and lifestyles. Instead, focus on what aligns with your future and the new version of yourself. In this process, certain physical things, including relationships, will dissipate and move on. It's just part of the process.

One of the main highlights of this New Moon, aside from the focus on Venus, is the planet Jupiter transiting Gemini from May 25, 2024, to June 9, 2025. Jupiter takes 12 years to travel through the Zodiac, spending a full year in each sign. The last time Jupiter was in Gemini was 12 years ago, making this an extremely exciting time for all of us.

Wherever Jupiter is, it seeks growth. Jupiter in Gemini encourages us to grow into the attributes of Gemini, primarily the power of our deeper communication. Our communication is undergoing a massive shift as we get clear on our truth and venture into a new stage of expressing it.

Gemini energy is happy, lighthearted, and curious, loving to connect.

The New Moon in Gemini announces a new stage of one year of growth through Jupiter in Gemini. This also opens a new door for partnerships and collaborations, aligning with the new and radical energies of Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto in Aquarius represents freedom, science, technology, innovation, changes in the internet, media, education, and new forms of communication and expression. It signals a revolution in the foundations of our society, which are now ready to be rooted in the element of Air. This includes our relationship to the cosmos and our cosmic family, and even space travel.

Jupiter in Gemini activates Pluto in Aquarius by trine, opening the door to our future.

Are you ready to journey with us, through this door to the future, into the life-changing energies of a New Age? Jupiter enters Gemini in a cataclysmic rush of new vibrations for ideas and relationships!

There will be aspects of communication, including media, and possibly some distortions in the media that will be exposed. The most important thing is that Jupiter in Gemini will be merely paving the way for much greater things to come. By 2025 and 2026, Uranus will also enter Gemini, marking a significant point of breakthrough for the planet.

Jupiter entering Gemini now is just paving the way for this growth.

This also means a time for new partners, ventures, projects, ways of operating, and communicating. Jupiter is all about growth, and wherever it travels in your chart, it brings growth. So, where is Gemini for you? Do you have any planets or angles there? This is where growth and expansion are ready to come from! And remember, these are energies from the future. As Jupiter enters Gemini, it acts as a catalyst for the future energies spoken of by Pluto in Aquarius. This is all about the new, the future, and the transformational energies of freedom and the big picture for us and our society.

The New Moon in Gemini points to the beginning of Jupiter’s influence on our lives and brings a new phase of this transition into the future.

Jupiter in Gemini is incredible for generating new ideas and ventures with others. Gemini, the sign of the twins, is about connecting with others, networking, learning, and expanding our points of view. Look around and notice the new partners coming into your life to collaborate on new ideas and ventures. This is about teaming up, and we will see many opportunities for this in the coming days and weeks.

Gemini is ultimately about communication, new business opportunities, negotiations, and beautiful opportunities for growth and expansion. Be open to the people coming to you at this time. The recent energies in Taurus have shaken up old values and relationships, leading to sudden catalyst moments. Now, with Jupiter in Gemini, you are invited to look to the future!

Don’t hold on to the past. Trust that you are moving from the old era into a new one. Hold on to this faith and open yourself to the new that is coming in.

Sometimes we stop ourselves from receiving the new because we focus on what wants to dissipate and change. Let it go, let it shift, and focus on the exciting energies of new partners coming in. Your Gemini House is ready for new beginnings, growth, new connections, ventures, partnerships, and collaborations. All of these have to do with the future. These energies in Gemini are trine Pluto in Aquarius, supporting our evolution moving forward.

You're shifting values and so much about yourself, all in preparation for the new energies from Gemini. Venus in Gemini opens the possibility for you to explore your new values, relationships, and the new people entering your life. Allow yourself to get excited about that and be open to the possibilities. This is a pivotal moment for values and new beginnings.

If you want to learn more, Raquel will guide you on how to read and interpret this energy in your birth chart so that you can know how the Gemini New Moon supports the fascinating interplay of energies with Venus and Jupiter in your life in her up and coming workshop, “Jupiter in Gemini, a New Age Begins!”.

Up until now, there have been a lot of closures. With all the energies in Taurus this past month of May, with five planets in Taurus, it’s been about conclusions and endings, necessary shake-ups leading to the next phase. Now, we finally open the door to the future. It doesn’t all happen overnight, but we are here, in front of this door now, and it’s up to you whether you want to open it or not. Do you want to sit around and mourn what is leaving, or do you want to get excited about the new that is coming in?

If you focus on mourning, you may not even see the door to the new in front of you. Take this to heart because this is a powerful week of new beginnings.

The New Moon in Gemini happens exactly conjunct Venus, symbolizing new beginnings and new seeds for values and doors into the future. This New Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini is about expressing your new values. It speaks to the deeper values of your new friendships, partnerships, and heart connections forming for the one-year journey of Jupiter’s growth in your Gemini house.

We all have Gemini in our charts, so look at your chart and see where Gemini is and where Jupiter in Gemini wants to bring you growth and expansion.

We are moving from an era of Earth to Air. Air is now the primary foundation of our reality since the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, which announced the beginning of a new era of Air as the foundation of our systems. Now, as Jupiter enters Gemini, it awakens a new phase of this era, bringing in the next stage of what this means for us and our society.

Become an Air Bender!

Look at your Gemini house and see where you are ready to plant this new seed. Uranus will enter Gemini in 2025 and 2026, catalyzing this new era for all of us with Air as our foundation.

Air is about growing your wings, flying, connecting to the cosmos, and allowing the cosmos to connect with you. We are all connected, discovering that we are not alone but connected with family out there.

So, allow your vision to expand and embrace the new ideas of yourself, your life, and what is possible from this place.

Instead of being stuck in the shake-ups that have been happening, dare to see beyond and what is on the horizon. This is the time to look into the future that is inevitably coming. Find your place in all of this instead of focusing on what’s dissipating. Find your place in what is forming before your eyes and walk toward what this New Moon is initiating in this new phase for you.

It's so beautiful to feel and listen to these energies of a New Age Beginning.

Thank you for the opportunity to share these thoughts with you.

With Love, Raquel Spring and Altair.



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