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Raquel Spring Signture


Raquel Spring Learn Astrology, How to Read Natal Chart Transits, Full Complete Course

The Full Set

Price: $997

7 sets + 8 bonuses (161+ hours total)

The full set includes:

  • Archetypes

  • Aspects

  • Synthesizing

  • Transits

  • Advanced Transits

  • Lunar Nodes

  • Beyond the Planets

    • Chiron​

    • Black Moon Lilith

    • Asteroids

  • Bonus Lectures​/Audio/PDF

    • House Systems & Degrees​

    • Going Deeper with Angles & Signs

    • The Aries Point

    • Mercury and Venus Retrogrades

    • Lunar Nodes Retrograde or Direct

    • Water Houses & Spirituality

The Full Set covers the A - Z of astrology and is perfect for beginners starting their journey with astrology; and intermediate or advanced students looking to fill any gaps in their foundational knowledge or wanting to layer in additional ​tools and techniques to go deeper into the chart. This set includes:

  1. The Archetypes Set (13 lectures + 12 bonus audios): This foundational series provides a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the heart, soul, and essence of the planets, signs, and houses - a critical starting point to mastering more complex astrological techniques and analyses. Read more here.

  2. The Aspects Set (5 lectures ): Aspects are the language of the planets and one of the most crucial foundational skills to master in order to accurately understand how the planets interact with one another to interpret the natal chart and give meaningful readings. Aspects help us read between the lines of the chart to tell a story and can help uncover the psychology and motivation behind our personality traits. Read more here.

  3. Synthesizing Set (11 lectures)Synthesizing is a game-changer and takes you into the very heart of the natal chart to uncover the underlying energy signature, explore the planetary influences, and deeply understand what the chart is trying to convey. Through a very step-by-step approach to learning to analyze the chart layer by layer, each lecture builds on the previous one to help create a wholistic understanding and interpretation of the chart. Read more here.

  4. Language of Transits Set (6 lectures)This series takes you on a deep dive into the influence and potential of the transiting planets and how they activate the houses and their themes. Transits are the gold of astrology and are essential in understanding the bigger cycles we are moving through; and a thorough understanding of the transits is key to helping us plan and navigate planetary influences before, during, and after a transit. Transits illuminate the entirety of our life experience and offer an opportunity to look a step ahead and make accurate and meaningful predictions. Read more here.

  5. Advanced Transits Set (7 lectures)

  6. Lunar Nodes Set (4 lectures + 1 audio)The Lunar Nodes are two of the most significant and powerful astrological points and the center piece and focus in Raquel's own natal chart readings with clients. Understanding the Lunar Nodes on a core level can help you illuminate your destiny, fate, soul purpose and evolution, and understand your past life karma. Read more here.

  7. Beyond The Planets Set (3 lectures)

    • 'Chiron - The Evolving Healer' WorkshopThis lecture includes a deep dive into the symbolism and astrology of Chiron - an asteroid that illuminates your deepest wounds. By understanding its house and sign placement in your natal chart, you can begin to understand where you are being called to introspect and dig deeper into your insecurities and traumas.

    • 'Going Deep with Black Moon Lilith' Workshop: This lecture explores one of the most intriguing and mysterious and yet, one of the least studied astrologiccal points in Astrology - the Black Moon Lilith. A primal feminine archetype that holds the keys to ancient knowledge, the Black Moon Lilith represents an aspect of the goddess that has been silenced and surpressed for years.

    • 'Asteroids: The Rise of the Feminine Archetype' Workshop:​​ This series shines a light on four powerful asteroids that represent the different aspects of feminine power - Ceres, Vesta, Juno, & Pallas Athena. Unlike planets that can have many different meanings and interpretations, asteroids have a very specific representation in the birth chart and thus can add an important layer of depth and precision. 

  8. Bonuses:

    • Mercury Retrograde Full Workshop (1h 24m)

    • Venus Retrograde Full Workshop (1h 39m) 

    • Venus Retrograde For The Soul PDF

    • The Water Houses & Spirituality Workshop (56m) 

    • The Aries Point Workshop (1h)

    • House Systems & Reading Degrees Audio (9m) – Audio 

    • Going Deeper with Angles & Signs Workshop (1h 30m) 

    • Lunar Nodes Retrograde or Direct Audio (24m) 



Click below for an overview of the Full Set:

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